Hart of the Burning Torch

The Hart of the Burning Torch adventuring guild is looking for new members to begin a life of sword or scroll. We invite you to test your wit, strength, and knowledge to see the lands through new eyes, to behold sites and learn information that most shall never have the chance of imagining. Be warned the path we ask you to walk is not an easy one, and while the rewards are great the responsibility is greater. If you can not live up to the high level of training and vigor that we require of in our members then you shall be expelled in short order, or dead almost as quick. Don’t take this warning lightly the Flanaess is a dangerous land and outside the guild hall many unkown threats lurk. If you feel up to this challenge report to the requrtment tent and sign up to become a member of the Hart of the Burning Torch and a member of Duke Doenairian’s mercenary company out of the County of Urnst. You will begin training immeadiatly as you march with the other potential members of the company to Starkwall in the Duke’s lands situated on the boarder of Urnst and the Shield Lands. Training shall begin the 15th of Patchwall the common year of 596. If you make the journey and complete your training you shall have started on a new path in your life one that shall be full of awe and wonder, one that will have been walked successfully by few from the start of time to the end of days, but one that might bring you great power and reward.

Welcome future brother to the Hart of the Burning Torch

Sir Dola Tranith Doenairan

Guild Master of the Heart of the Burning Torch mercinary company and Duke of Badwall protector of the North

Hart of the Burning Torch Combat Training:

  • Add 5 permanent Hit-Points
  • Tactical Feat Lock Shields – +1 to AC if, when wielding a shield, you have an ally with this feat adjacent to you wielding a shield. +2 if both adjacent squares have allies.
  • Tactical Feat Step into the Breach – If an ally falls you can take their place as an immediate action, so long as all squares you pass through are filled with members of your unit and it does not take more then your movement speed to get there this does not have to count as moving for purposes of calculating your attacks.
  • Tactical Feat Unified Strike – +2 to your attack if you and ally with this feat are standing adjacent to one an other wielding the same weapon. +4 if both adjacent squares have allies.

Guild Vow

We vow to search out and spread the light into the dark corners of Oerth. We swear to you our hands, our blades, our magic, our blood, our breath – the service of the hands, and the service of the heart. May the Gods witness our oath of loyalty and be swift to punish the oathbreaker. We pledge our lives and honor to the Hart of the Burning Torch, for this night and all nights to come. We pledge our loyalty to Duke Doenairan.

The Duke’s Vow

And I to you pledge hands and blade and blood and breath. My honor is your honor, before all enemies and trails, in all dangers high and low for this night and all nights to come so long as our companies be conjoined. The gods witness my oath to you, and yours to me.

Hart of the Burning Torch

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