The Baklunish (or Bakluni) are a race of humans inhabiting the Flanaess, as well as regions of Oerik further west.

Within the context of the game world, the bakluni are descendants of the human inhabitants of the ancient Baklunish Empire, and today are confined chiefly in the northwest Flanaess, in that region known as the Baklunish Basin and other nearby regions, including Zeif, Ekbir, Tusmit, Ull, Ket, the Dry Steppes, the Plains of the Paynims, the Tiger Nomads, and the Wolf Nomads.


Baklunish have skin of golden tones, and straight, fine textured hair that is universally dark, ranging from dusky brown to bluish black. Their eyes are usually green or gray-green; hasel and gray eyes are rare. They tend to be long of limb and facial feature, with high cheekbones.


The Baklunish once held a great empire on the western side of the Crystalmists and Barrier Peaks. The Invoked Devestation ruined their empire, for which the Baklunish retaliated with the Rain of Colorless Fire, burning the Suel Imperium to ash. Most surviving Baklunish moved north or west, to the borders of the old empire and beyond.


The Baklunish, unlike the Suloise, retained much of their culture after the fall of their empire. Honor, family, generosity, and piety are fundamental virtues. Use of their classical language, Ancient Baklunish, in religioous observances, higher learning, and the fine arts has preserved their ancestral traditions. The Baklunish have many customs and taboos derived from their great knowledge of astrology, and their dependence on horses adds many beliefs and traditions regarding their honored steeds, particularly among the nomads. Singing and dancing are widespread in their culture, and trade and exploration are major pursuits.

Settled Baklunish favor bright patterns and viberant colors in clothes, typically with gowns and robes or else long coats with short breeches. Lower classes use the same colors with a long one-piece garment supplemented with other garb. Nomadic Baklunish prefer clothes with several pastel colors, enjoying fancy garments enhanced with puffs, slashes on sleeves to show contrasting colors underneath, and superfluous trim. When traveling or making war, the nomads instead wear rough items of leather, hide, or cloth, bearing shields or banners indicating clan allegiance.


Many skilled wizards are Baklunish, inluding experts in elemental magic, divination, and summoning and binding spells (used on extraplanar beings). Cooperative spellcasting is practiced by many of the clergy, particularly among the desert mystics.


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