This is going to be a high heroic campaign. You will, over the course of the campaign, become of dire importance to the many lands of Greyhawk. I plan on pulling out all the stops in my GMing and making this a very detailed world and campaign. All Player-Characters must be members of the Hart of the Burning Torch. These are the words that your character will be made to say when he or she joins the guild. Keep these words in mind when you create your character. Would your character be the type to join this guild?

We vow to search out and spread the light into the dark corners of Oerth. We swear to you our hands, our blades, our magic, our blood, our breath – the service of the hands, and the service of the heart. May the Gods witness our oath of loyalty and be swift to punish the oathbreaker. We pledge our lives and honor to the Hart of the Burning Torch, for this night and all nights to come. We pledge our loyalty to Duke Doenairan.

Keep these words in mind: they are very important not only to your character, but to their social interactions around Oerth. My goal for this campaign is to bring Greyhawk back to life. I started out my D&D experience playing in Greyhawk and it has always held a special place in my heart and I’ve always regretted that it lost support in 3.X . So my personal goal is to bring Greyhawk alive in the minds of my fellow gamers.

Greyhawk: Return to the Classic

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