• Title(s) Keeper of Infinity, the Illimitable One
  • Power level Lesser
  • Alignment Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio Time, Infinity, Continuity
  • Domains Law, Oracle, Protection, Travel
  • Superior Lendor

Cyndor is the Oeridian god of Time, Infinity, and Continuity. His symbol is a rounded hourglass set on its side, much like the symbol for infinity.


Cyndor is depicted as a towering, featureless humanoid with powerful block-like limbs. This form symbolizes the inevitability of time itself.


Cyndor directs Merikka in her tasks. It is thought that Tsolorandril is his servant.

The exact relationship between Cyndor and the Suel time-god Lendor is unknown, though Lendor has been referred to as Cyndor’s “sometime ally (and superior).”


Cyndor’s realm in Mechanus is called Path of Time and Mount.


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