Rel Deven

Rel Deven is a city of the United Kingdom of Ahlissa. It is one of the three Aerdy cities of “Enlightenment,” the others being Rel Mord (now capital of the Kingdom of Nyrond) and Rel Astra (now of the Solnor Compact).


During the Turmoil Between Crowns (437 CY), the Eldritch Lords closed the city, refusing to pledge their allegiance the new Naelaxian Overking of the Great Kingdom, Ivid I, the former Herzog of North Province. The collective might of this association of magicians was able to enforce their will in this matter.

More recently, during the Greyhawk Wars, Overking Ivid V (556 CY to 586 CY) demanded that the Eldritch Lords assist him in his efforts. They refused. In 583 CY Ivid V attempted to enforce his will upon the Eldritch Lords by sending an army to take the city, while simultaneously sacking Chathold and putting all of Almor to the torch. The attempt failed.

Survivors of this botched attempt tell how fiery death rained down from the heavens and devoured the army, while the city of Rel Deven remained completely untouched.

Though nominally a prinicpality of Ahlissa, Rel Deven has somehow managed to remain virtually independent, an unsullied jewel in the broken Aerdy crown. Unfortunately, it also remains completely cut off from the outside world, as it is effectively besieged. The diabolical Duke Szeffrin, ruling what now remains of Almor, hems the city in from the north, while the conniving Prince Reydrich, in the city of Zelradton, makes Rel Deven inaccessible from the south.

Outside visitors, and any news that they bring, would be welcomed in the city.

Rel Deven

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