Duchess Veronika Minerva Doenairian

the Dukes Lady, Mother of His children, and second in command of the Hart Burning of the Torch


A peasant girl from a poor family of the Pale, Veronika never took to the farming that was her families trade. She had an anxious soul and was determined to do more with her time on this Oreath then see to that the pigs lives were hearty. When she was old enough to swing a sword she had her final argument with her parents and left to join the Holy Army. Ten years later she had risen through the ranks, now a captain of her own unit and a strong strategist and standing bulwark before the civilized east and the onrushing terror of Iuz’ horde.

At the Battle of Crest Fallen Knight Veronika was stationed with comprised forces of six other nations. The flirtations and wishes of what could never be had

Duchess Veronika Minerva Doenairian

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