Greyhawk: Return to the Classic

Under the Cloak

Tonight we have seen much that can never be unseen. Evils and magical constructs that, while not hard to physically overcome, are left in our minds as scars, the Vileness of sentient creatures has no bounds. We left the Duke’s camp under the cloak of darkness and Silent spells, searching the outer wall of the city with scouts and Elves. At first we were skeptical that we would find anything at all, perhaps a futile attempt at what we could only hope would exist, but when we found the opening…we were simply amazed. The detail and depth of the tunnels we found honeycombed beneath the city was simply astonishing. The amount of time that this took could mean many different things, including, but not limited to, these being here before the war even began. As we are realizing this, the Duke splits us all up into groups of five to investigate the tunnels to look for anything that could be how the drow got here or, for us specifically, looking for the Anvil of Vecna itself.

As we go off, we find another lower level that we immediately begin to search through. A Lolth-touched Spider attacks us through a hidden door, which after all makes perfect sense considering everything that’s happening here. After burning down many webs that block our path, we eventually come across the most Vile thing any of us has ever had the displeasure of laying our eyes upon. A Living Flesh Golem made from one of Sir Archemis’ cousins. The flesh was ripped from the rest of the body and seemed to have life of it’s own, as the muscles were a separate entity that had moving, working organs and blood vessels that we could see with our own eyes.

Unfortunately, Ruhan knew not how the creature could, if possible at all, be returned to herself, as she was being transformed into the Golem in front of our eyes but was not fully there yet…so we ended its miserable existence instead. The muscles were incredibly resilient, so we attacked the skin which was far weaker. As we re-flayed the skin, as horrifying an act as it was, the girl was crying out in agony, and as it died, she cried out the name of her mother. It was a soul shattering experience for all of us.