Greyhawk: Return to the Classic

The Wine Harvest


Our adventure starts with our heroes in the County of Urnst, at a small hamlet in an Inn called the Adventuring Martyr, where an ad requesting help at a nearby vineyard is posted. Each has come here for their own reason, but they all notice this ad, including a half-orc that only seems to be able to communicate in single word sentances. Sir Arkemus calls to the whole Inn that he is deciding to go after this job, and that if any wish to join him, then they should come see him in his room. Both Galen Woodsoul and Galdor Vardamir take him up on the offer, along with the half-orc tagging along, while Ruhan Lamont is content to head towards the vineyard himself, in his newly found pants, albeit only 50 feet behind the rest.

When they arrive, our heroes are greeted by an old guard in rusted armor, who tells them that the Lady will inform them of what the job entails at dinner tonight, and they are welcome to wait in the barn. The half-orc leaves, and the rest get to talking and getting to know each other, and eventually settle to just waiting for dinner. When dinner comes, the Lady greets them all, and begins to lay out the situation. The Lady’s vineyard has come under a sort of attack of late, with larger and larger patches getting damaged and becoming unusable every night. The wall is missing large chunks out of it where it’s being knocked down, and the workers refuse to go out and patrol because they hear the screaming of children and the laughing of women, along with many bright colored lights. One of the guards pipes up and says that it’s just the Goblins that live up in the hills, that there is no other explaination. Thanking her for the information, our heroes start off by questioning the servants. After giving them just about the same information, the servants let slip that they were questioned by the half-orc earlier. Fearing that they’d been tricked, the heroes rush to find the half-orc, only to find already gone.

Our heroes decide that the best plan of action from here would be to take a look at the scene of the incident first. As they look about, they realize that the vines were most likely manipulated with a simple magic spell, and as for the rest, they decide to create a blind behind a section of the wall and lie in wait for the rest to occur. Not having to wait long, a deep cold settles in, and a large rock with lights surrounding it comes barreling down the hillside. The sounds as described earlier could be heard, but the sounds of children screaming were identified as the spell Ghost Sound, and the lights as the spell Dancing Lights, but the laughter seemed to be genuine laughter coming from somewhere. Just then, many Goblins came running down the hill after the rock, and it slammed into a new section of the wall. In an effort to detour the Goblins, Ruhan created an image of an Ogre. That only stopped a few Goblins, who soon realized it was a trick, and went to join the others. All of a sudden, from above them, the spell Color Spray appears, stunning a good number of the Goblins. Sir Arkemus, believing another foe in his midst, issues a challenge to the being in the area, only to have his sword turned into a rubber chicken. Ruhan, thinking the opposite, went forward and used a Color Spray of his own, while Galen and Galdor fired arrows. Soon, the laughter stopped, and the cold retreated, as the half-orc came running full speed down the hill, yelling for the fighting to stop. Reluctantly, it did, and to the surprise of our heroes the Goblins did not continue fighting. Our heroes come to find out that it was the Good Folk, playing a trick on the Goblins, who did all of this, and the Goblins want to simply worship their sacred stone in peace in the hills.

Healing all but one of the Goblins, who had already passed, the heroes swear to help the Goblins fight the Good Folk who are doing this. Galen and Galdor go to inform the old guard of what has transpired, while Ruhan, Sir Arkemus, and the half-orc go to prepare with the Goblins for the coming night. They remove all the Goblins, minus the chief, and prepare a trap. They lie in wait, and soon the Good Folk, saddened by the lack of Goblins to play a trick on, appears. A Fairy Dragon it is, and our adventurers attack it! The quickly gain the upper hand as Moonbeam, Galen’s Animal Companion, seems to be able to hit it at every weak point. Wind and cold rage as the Fairy is torn asunder, and when it falls, so does the weather. Our heroes have won the day.

The Wine Harvest