Human languages

Common, the trade tongue of the Flanaess, is a hybrid language, a combination of the dialect of Old Oeridian spoken in the Great Kingdom and Ancient Baklunish. Lenard Lakofka, said it was “a mixture of Suloise and Oeridian tongues with some Baklunish admixture.” Virtually everyone in the Flanaess who wishes to communicate with those outside their culture must learn at least a little Common if they hope not to be treated as gibberish-spouting simpletons. Because of its diverse roots, Common is a very flexible language, and it is often easier to translate a text into Common first before translating it into any other tongue

Ancient Baklunish is one of the ancestors of the Common tongue, though there is little resemblance between the two in the present day, a thousand years since the two have diverged. It is still spoken by the nomads of the Plains of the Paynims, and by the faithful of Al’Akbar. It is the language of all official and religious documents west of the Yatil Mountains.

Old Oeridian. was completely free of outside influences until the Great Migrations. Its grammar is thus unique and it is almost impossible to translate it into any language other than Common. Many of the books, records, and holy texts of the Aerdi were written in Old Oeridian, and it is still widely known in the lands of the former Great Kingdom.

Suloise, the language of the ancient Suel Imperium, is a nearly dead tongue, spoken only by a minority of sages in order to read ancient books and scrolls, and by the Scarlet Brotherhood. It can be dangerous to translate spells written in Suloise into other magical languages, as the significance of some Suel inflections has been lost


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