Character Creation

Greyhawk: Return to the Classic


This is going to be a high heroic campaign. You will, over the course of the campaign, become of dire importance to the many lands of Greyhawk.

Starting Level

6th level

Playable Races

  • Dwarf
  • Elf
  • Gnome
  • Human
  • Half-Elf
  • Halfling
  • Half-Orc
  • If you want anything more then those out of the PHB talk to me. I’ll probably give the green light but this is simpler then trying to list all the races I don’t find crazy.

Playable Classes

  • All from the PHB
  • All from the base Complete Series: Adventurer, Arcane, Divine, and Warrior
  • I am allowing any book I own so if you want something from Eberron or the Forgotten Realms I’m allowing most of the stuff, only redesigned for Greyhawk, so just ask.

The Following Books are the only books allowed for character creation all others must be checked by me:

Complete Adventurer Eberron Campaign Setting (none of the Eberron specific stuff like dragon marks)
Complete Arcane Races of Eberron
Complete Divine Races of Faerun
Complete Warrior Magic of Incarnum
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (none of the FR specific stuff like regional feats) City of Splendor: Waterdeep
Hero’s of Horror Shining South
Player’s Handbook Magic of Eberron
Player’s Handbook 2 Dracanomicon
Races of Destiny As mentioned above I will allow any book that I own. This list is not Comprehensive so if there are other books you want to use just ask me.
Races of the Wild

Starting Build

All Player-Characters start off with 42 points to use in standard point buy starting at ability level 8. You cannon buy down your abilities.

Starting Gold

All Player-Characters start off with standard GP for 6th lvl +100 gp.


Player-Characters cannot be of the Evil alignment. In this campaign you are trying to become heroes. Not necessarily happy go-lucky heroes for whom everything goes right in the end and everyone lives happily ever after, but heroes none the less. I would request that you try and make a good character, however if your heart is set on neutral I understand and welcome you to discuss it with me. Evil just unnecessarily complicates matters so please don’t ask.


All Player-Characters are going to start in the County of Urnst, you don’t need to be from there that is just where your character needs to have found their way to by the start of game. Also you are going to be groomed to become members of the Hart of the Burning Torch (an adventurer’s/mercenary guild based two weeks ride out of the Free City of Greyhawk in the city of Badwall in the County of Urnst). The guild is a strong, organized group of well respected warriors. After the first couple of sessions your character will have earned invite join the guild at the beginning of their next recruitment season. The first few levels will be spent getting to know your character and your fellow adventurers, but quickly it will become time to join the guild.

Guild Vow

These are the words that your character will be made to say when he or she eventually joins the guild. Keep these words in mind when you create your character. Would your character be the type to join this guild?

We vow to search out and spread the light into the dark corners of Oerth. We swear to you our hands, our blades, our magic, our blood, our breath – the service of the hands, and the service of the heart. May the gods witness our oath of loyalty and be swift to punish the oathbreaker. We pledge our lives and honor to the Hart of the Burning Torch, for this night and all nights to come. We pledge our loyalty to Duke Doenairan.

Keep these words in mind; they are very important not only to your character, but to their social interactions around Oerth.

Character Bio

I request at least one page of typed bio of your character. What has your character been doing, what is its past? I want you to flesh your character out here so we don’t have a bunch of stat blocks roaming the countryside. Why has your character picked you the sword or scroll and left for adventure? Remember that world of Greyhawk is a very expansive universe – you can have just about any sort of history you want, so have fun with it. Also do not just make your character from Greyhawk, if you don’t know the name of the region you want to be from that is fine, but we are trying to learn the setting. The more effort you put in to your character the better I’ll know your character and the better I’ll be able to work with you. This is also your chance to put effective history (history that might come into play during the campaign) into your character. A childhood rivalry, an ancient curse placed on your family line, you name it and we can probably work something out. These bio’s will have in-game effects that will be very important not just to your character but to you as a PC.

Character Creation

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